36 Days of Practicing 2021
The 36 days of Type mixed with my Whole Year Practicing Project

The artist's life is to be constantly looking for inspiration to create something new. Because of that, some days, we need some encouragement and motivation. It can come from anywhere, but initiatives to motivate the art community are always welcome!
36 Days of Type is an excellent example of these initiatives. It is a project that invites designers, illustrators and graphic artists to express their particular interpretation of the letters and numbers of the Latin alphabet.
I already participated in other editions, but I had never taken the right time for it until this 2021 edition. I started 2021 with the idea of creating something every single day to post on social media and try to motivate my followers and students to keep practicing their skills in calligraphy and lettering. So, when 36Days started on April 5th, I didn't doubt that I should create something tremendous and mix it with my "Whole Year Practicing" project.

For each day, I created each letter using three layers of information and three calligraphy styles, one above each other. I thought the result drew some attention, and you can check all the pieces below and the creative process! In addition, there are making of videos of the letters L, S, T, and U.

Also, many people commented, liked, and shared the collection, and some of them asked me to put the pieces for sale. Well, 36 samples would have some work to send worldwide, especially from here, Brazil. So, as I've just entered the fantastic universe of the NFTs*, I thought: Why not?

So, you'll have the opportunity to get one (or several) pieces of the collection by buying its NFT version that I'll launch for sales on December 7th! Each owner has access to the high resolution poster file if they want to print it. Check out the poster at the final of this page.
SAVE THE DATE: These unique 36 NFT pieces will drop on OpenSea Tuesday, December 7th, at 2 pm EST / 7 pm GMT.
There will only be ONE PIECE OF EACH. ​​​​​​​
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*But What The Heck Is An NFT?
From CNN: "Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are pieces of digital content linked to the blockchain, the digital database underpinning cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum. Unlike NFTs, those assets are fungible, meaning they can be replaced or exchanged with another identical one of the same value, much like a dollar bill. NFTs, on the other hand, are unique and not mutually interchangeable, which means no two NFTs are the same."

I explained better about NFTs in my first collection, also with some articles for you to read and understand better in case you still have doubts about it. Check it out here.

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