Classic Rock Calligraphy Posters Collection
The Classic Rock Calligraphy posters collection is a personal project I did for a couple of years which consisted of designing calligraphic posters for some of the most famous rock bands.
I had a lot of fun and challenges doing this series, trying different techniques and styles for each poster.
I decided to make all posters (originals and screen prints copies) available for purchase in my store: check it out here.
Jorney - Don’t stop believing
Original piece 418 x 575 mm size.
Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
Original piece 595 x 420 mm size.
AC/DC - Back in Black
Original piece 420 x 595 mm size.
Screen print 297 x 420 mm size.
David Bowie - Rebel rebel
Original piece 415 x 597 mm size.
Original piece 320 x 440 mm size.
Pink Floyd - Another brick in the wall
Original piece 594 x 420 mm size.
Guns N' Roses - Welcome to the jungle
Original piece 646 x 480 mm size.
Metallica - Nothing else matters
Original piece 450 x 594 mm size.

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