Criatipos in Philly: GODDAM!
Cyla and Jack painted a wall in the historic neighborhood of Brewerytown in Philadelphia.
This time we paid homage to the great J.D. Salinger, painting a lettering with a quote from 'Franny and Zooey' (1961).
So... here's what happened:
During the days we were painting the wall, everyone that passed by came to talk to us. The huge majority of them really loved the wall and the message and gave us amazing feedback. But a couple of people (the block capitan lady and her friends from the local church) were really offended
by the use of the word "Goddam" (spelled like this in the book). Nicole and Sam, who hosted us in Philly and made everything happen, went out of their way to explain to the church members that this was a quote from a book that was part of the kids program in school and even found an article
by a minister saying that the word was not offensive. They still weren't convinced or open to discussion but we finished the wall anyway.
The day after we left Philadelphia the word "Goddam" was buffed. We were sad at first, mainly because the whole neighborhood loved it, except for 3 people or so, and these people didn't want to hear what we had to say. But in a way it was really interesting to have done something of impact, that raised a big discussion and got the local comunity very much involved. And after all, the art is out on the streets and free for interaction.
After this happened, Nicole and Sam had the fantastic idea of painting over the buffing with chalkboard paint so people can now write whatever word they want. They also painted a chalkboard next to it where people can write their thoughts about everything that has happened.
Now we're being featured in a Penn University class called Scandalous Art and also some local teachers are using it for J.D. Salinger lessons. This really was a learning and teaching experience!
Thank you so much to our new friends who welcomed us so well in Philly and made it all possible, Nicole, Sam and Max (who’s the owner of the amazing Brewerytown Beats and suggested the soundtrack).
Here’s the video of the process!

Photos and Video Ricardo Perini
Shot in 35mm, Leica + Velvia
Shot in 35mm, Leica + Velvia
Shot in 35mm, Leica + Velvia
Shot in 35mm, Leica + Velvia
Shot in 35mm, Leica + Velvia
Shot in 35mm, Leica + Velvia
Shot in 35mm, Leica + Velvia
Shot in 35mm, Leica + Velvia
Shot in 35mm, Leica + Velvia
Nicole, who made everything happen, Max and Sam (who's not in the photo), helped us a lot during the process.
They keep doing whatever they can to make the neighborhood interact with the wall in a constructive way.
This *censored* phenomenal world! (photo from @mpdesignshop instagram)
Wall with the brown paint by the angry neighborhood people on top of the GODDAM + chalkboard paint for people to interact with it on top of the brown paint.
Isn't it a goddam phenomenal world?
And after 2 years we painted this wall, we found this video with these amazing girls dancing in front of it. Check out my wall!

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