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A longer version of my Instagram videos with description of the tools
Every time I publish a video on my Instagram, someone come to ask me about the tool. Sometimes I remember to say which tool I used, other times I forget even to answer the questions. Because of that, I decided to create a YouTube channel and use it to publish a longer version of my Instagram videos with the description of the tools I used.
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So, you can see below the collection of my prefered videos. Enjoy :)
Pilot Parallel Pen
One of the most famous calligraphy pen in the world
Pilot Parallel Pen – Modified
That's a normal Pilot Parallel Pen that you need to sand the nib to get that shape
Pilot Parallel Pen – Modified
Another normal Pilot Parallel Pen, for this you need to cut the nib to get that shape
Pentel Color Brush
That's my favorite brush pe
Speedball Nib
One of my favorite Broad Edged Calligraphy Nibs
Pilot Parallel Pen and Tombow Brush Pen
Pilot Parallel Pen and Flat Brush with Acrylic paint
Kuretake Brush Pen
A brush pen very similar to a Pentel brush pen
Tombow Brusb Pen, Pilot Parallel Pen 6 mm and Pentel Brush Pen Small
Tombow Brush Pen
Leonardt Nib P6
I used water and India ink to make this.
Kuretake Mini Brush
Sakura Koi Water Brush
Automatic Pen with Ecolline Ink
Sing Painting – Lettering Quill
That isn't a normal video I used to publish. That 's a Sign Painting Workshop I made in San Francisco, California, with the amazing guys of the New Bohemia Signs. The first tool is an Electric Pounce, we use this to perforate the paper and after transfer the lettering to the plate (with chalk) where we paint. The name of the brush is Lettering Quill and the paint is One Shot.
Flat brush with Acrylic paint

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