Welcome to Transylvania
By indication of my friend Dado Queiroz, I was contacted by Uwe Pelger to create a lettering for "Welcome to Transylvania”, a song he wrote to contribute to the initiative www.mihaieminescutrust.org. Rebuilding Transylvania.

In Uwe's words, “the music project Buerger7 has roots in Transylvania and aims to promote cultural heritage in Siebenbürgen, through music and audiovisual internet clips. 'Welcome to Transylvania' is an etno-rock soundtrack we wrote, that combines both traditional and modern elements. East meets west.”
First sketches (not approved version).
Calligraphy studies.
Vector version (this is my favorite).
Second concept, the approved version.
Calligraphy studies.
Sketches for approve the “3D” version.
Vector version.
Final (and approved) version.
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