10 years of Type
A collection of works I have done in these 10 years of type

That is it, my friends, times flies. I started my journey in the type world, taking a lettering workshop with a college friend Dado Queiroz, on May 1st and 2nd of 2010. That class made me fall in love with the world of letters and also made me thirsty to learn more and produce more. I keep learning about calligraphy and lettering, and I'm sure there will always be a lot to learn. So I hope I can come back here with a collection of 20, 30, 40 and even 50 years of career.
I can't list exactly how many calligraphy, lettering, or typography projects I have made since then, but I have carefully separated some of the most important in my ten years. Hope you like it :)
The 'official' first one: This is the lettering piece I create in the workshop I took on May 2010. Dado Queiroz's work had a lot of 3D effects and since he was my teacher and one of the artists that inspired me, most of my work in the early years followed this line as you can see below.
As I was learning about typography, I started to understand the importance of calligraphy and began to study this art. Inevitably my work started to have a strong influence of calligraphy since then.
The first commissioned lettering work, straight from Switzerland.
The first typeface, Bispo. Launched on February 2012 as a free font. 
The first workshop, called 'Custom Types'.
Lettering for some magazines. The lettering I made for Playboy and Veja Rio was not published, unfortunately.
The logo design I created for my studio entered the 10th Brazilian Biennial of Graphic Design.
The first 'calligraphy and lettering live-action' of my group Criatipos on the event Lollapalooza in São Paulo. Criatipos is a group we founded in 2013 with four friends from Curitiba who are passionate about letters. The members are Cristina Pagnoncelli, Cyla Costa, Eduilson Coan, and me.
The mural I painted in Philly - USA with my dear friend Cyla Costa. 
Lettering posters for the beer company Sol. The Typography Directors Club has awarded these posters with a Certificate of Typographic Excellence.
Poster created for an exhibition in São Paulo with several Brazilian calligraphy and lettering artists.
Custom type project (custom font) for the beer company Kaiser, from Heineken Group.
A collection of calligraphy and lettering made for wine labels. Project created for Brandever and Church State Wines, from Canada. This project was featured on the 12th Brazilian Biennial of Graphic Design
Lettering posters for Droga5 and Diet Coke.
Collection of hand-painted titles for Polenghi.
New visual identity proposal created for the beer company Brahma. Unfortunately it was not approved.
Mural painted with my friend Cyla Costa in Madison WI - USA.
Calligraphy posters created for the 6th International Exhibition of Calligraphy hosted by The Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy in Moscow.
Hand-painted alphabet created for the company Ford Trucks to use in its advertising campaigns.
Lettering compositions created for C14Torce and the launching of the new Seat Tarraco.
Hand-painted alphabet created for the company Ford Trucks to use in its advertising campaigns.
Hand-painted pieces for the company TOTVS.
Book cover created with my friend Cyla Costa for Companhia das Letras.
Book cover for Penguin Books.
Custom mack-up cases for Mad Creative and O Boticario.
Hand-painted letters for Claro.
Hand-painted alphabet created for the company Ford Trucks to use in its advertising campaigns.
Hand-painted letters for Peter Mayer and Zatarain's.
The project included a custom typeface (digital font created based on the alphabet and exclusively for the client).
Personal project: Classic Rock - Calligraphic posters collection 

New typeface created to optimize the process of creating a calligraphic composition or even help beginners to study and practice calligraphy in the gothic style.
The last hand-painted alphabets I created for the company Ford Trucks will be published here on my portfolio soon, stay tuned :)
Thank you :)

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