The (sketch)Book of Logos
A collection of logos I made before 2013
This is my collection of logos (I could say also “collection of calligraphy logos”) that I made before 2013. I wanted do something more than a collect of logos, so I decided to put the sketches of the logos too, this way I can show a little bit of the creative process and show how much changes a logo since its first idea. I have a sketchbook where I scribble almost all of the logos I create, and was based on it I create this project.
(Of course I do more sketches for each logo I create, and sometimes I sketch on simple sheets, but to try illustrate better, I took the original sketches and I applied on the picture of my sketchbook).
So, let's see the logos!
January 2013 – Curitiba, Brazil
December 2012 – Curitiba, Brazil
December 2012
November 2012 – Curitiba, Brazil
Buhari & Co
October 2012 – London, UK
October 2012 – London, United Kingdon
August 2012 – London, United Kingdom
July 2012 – Leads, United Kingdom
Cristian Rojas
May 2012 – Guadalajara, Mexico
April 2012 – Ohio, United States
March 2012 – Latham, NY, United States
Laurent Brutsche
February 2012 – London, UK
January 2012 – Curitiba, Brazil
December 2011 – São Paulo, Brazil
Ellen Olsson
October 2011 – Curitiba, Brazil
September 2011 – Bern, Switzerland
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