36 Days of Type 2023 - Alphabet collection
Fraktur and Italics mixed together

I created this collection to participate in the 36 Days of Type 2023, but maybe I should call it 26 days of type, as I only created the letters and avoided creating the numbers 😅

Anyway, I think 36 Days of Practicing is already a project well known by the designers community, but if you don't know yet this, I truly recommend check it out – but only after see this alphabet collection 🙂
In my explorations as a calligraphy artist, I made a mixed alphabet in 2021 that I loved, a mix of Roman Capitals and Fraktur Gothic! For my 2023 version I followed that idea, but this time mixing Fraktur with Italics letters and adding extra volume by interlocking them each other. I'm suspicious about leaving an opinion since I was the one who created it, but I thought the result was really amazing! 🖤

I'm opening the opportunity to purchase these pieces in two forms: Physical originals and NFTs.
There are only 26 unique physical pieces and there will also be only 26 digital assets.

If you'd like to have the chance of collection one of these pieces, physical or digital, I recommend you to subscribe on my mailing here, than I'll let know now as soon as the alphabet been available!

BTW: For the original physical pieces, I'm offering free shipping inside the US! (I'm living here now in case you missed it).

Please check out my latest alphabet collection, I hope you like it!
Thank you!

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