365 Days Practicing
When 2021 started, a friend published a picture on Instagram named "1/365," and that really drew my attention. I thought: "I should do this, create something every day of the year!"
The benefits of this were clear for me:
It would be an incentive to practice every day, as we know it's essential to keep improving our skills.
It'd give me a lot of content to publish on social media, as we know the algorithm wants this.
It'd encourage my students to keep practicing.
In the end, I'd have a respected collection of 365 pieces.
Without further ado, I accepted the challenge. Although it was not easy, I thought about giving up some days, but my greatest skill is persistence, and I went all the way to the end!

Below you can see EVERY SINGLE PIECE of the 365 days, click on each one to enlarge it.

Some of the original physical artworks will be offered for sale for affordable prices, but most of them were made with practice or simple paper. This will surely be the best opportunity to buy an original artwork from me.
Also, if you've been following my latest projects, you should know  that I will mint some of these pieces as an NFT. Alright?! Let's gooooooo!

BUT, to avoid interrupting the flow, if you would like to know more about how to get one of these physical pieces or NFTs, go to the end of the page to know more about it. Enjoy :)

Day 020/365
Day 047/365
Day 056/365
Day 068/365
Day 187/365
How to collect the physical pieces of this set
I could put some pieces on my online store, but the easiest way is selecting the ones you'd like to purchase and sending an email to contato@jacksonalves.com
Prices will vary starting  at $ 50 USD each piece + shipping costs to your location.
How to collect the NFTs of this set
I will release the pieces little by little and they will be divided into two blockchains: Ethereum and Tezos. Every piece will be unique to each blockchain.

Notice that you can collect, print it if you'd like to have a physical poster, and also use it as PFP (profile picture) that I think works well. See examples below.
Anyone who collects 4 or more pieces of the same alphabet will get as a gift from me an exclusively NFT, created from the letters of that alphabet on the same blockchain that it was originally minted. See some examples below:
… and more benefits will probably come for each NFT holder, just stay tuned on my Discord or Twitter.
Thanks for reading this far and supporting my art 🙌🏽.
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