365 Days Practicing - NFT collection

Jackson Alves (@letterJack) is a calligraphy/lettering artist and educator from Brazil. Graphic designer since 2000, Jack has been working as a letterform expert for the last 11 years and started teaching his technique in 2013.
Nowadays, Alves has more than 20,000 students worldwide with his online calligraphy classes and over 200k followers on his social networks (adding Instagram, FaceBook, YouTube, and Behance). The artist always talks about the importance of practicing to improve skills and sharing the process to create new connections.
Following these ideas, LetterJack started a project in January 2021 called ‘365 Days Practicing', a challenge released on his Instagram to encourage his students and followers to practice (and share) every day. So he spent the whole year of 2021 producing one piece a day. Some days were only warming up calligraphy exercises, other days a masterpiece, but he created something every single day.
You can check out all the 365 pieces on his portfolio or his Instagram using #wholeyearpracticing. 
Still, selected pieces of the project are being minted in Ethereum and others in Tezos depending on the style and complexity of the work.
Utilities and gifts
There are small collections inside the ‘365 days practicing' project and each piece can offer different utilities or gifts, check out their description for more details. Additional benefits can be added over time and will be attached here.
Individual Letters
Inside the project, there are 114 individual letters from 4 alphabet's styles. All these pieces are now in the Ethereum blockchain. Their collectors get the font file created with the 26-36 letters of the related alphabet and can use it as they wish, including commercial purposes based on CC-BY license.

Abstract series
Inside the project, there are several abstract pieces, and some of these pieces are already available on OpenSea. They are special because their collectors GET ALL the fonts I mentioned above (4) and can use them as they wish, including commercial purposes based on CC-BY license.

Alphabets practicing sheets
Inside the project, 98 pieces are practicing sheets of different alphabet's styles. Most of these pieces will be in the Tezos blockchain soon and will be dedicated to educational features. Stay tuned.
Letterforms in NFT are fantastic!
You have read above about the features, like getting the font file to use as you want, but collecting letterforms NFTs is also a pleasure to the eyes, and they look fantastic for your avatar, take a look below.
What comes next
Other pieces of the ‘365 days practicing project' can be added to both blockchains anytime as well more features can be offered to existing NFTs. Stay tuned on my Twitter or Discord.

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