Brahma Beer
Illustration and Lettering for beer label

It is a project I made in 2016 to create a new label for one of Brazil's most popular beers, Brahma.  I would love to have my lettering and illustration work printed on the labels of this famous beer in Brazil and being seen in stores across the country, but unfortunately, this project didn't get approved.

Anyway, I love having done this project, and I couldn't contain the anxiety of being able to share it before, but for paperwork details, I can only promote it now.

So, here I go! I hope you enjoy the result as much as I enjoyed created it.
Sketch - First Presentation
After the first meeting and with all the client's requirements in mind, I started to create the first sketches.
The illustrations and the first lettering I preferred to create on paper with pencil, the other lettering options I prefer creating on Adobe Illustrator.
It would be impracticable to vectorize all the design for presentation, so with the sketch, I sent a quick preview of what I was thinking to do for the vector stage.
Part of the presentation I sent to the client checking the most important items.
Preview of what I was thinking to do for the vector stage with Lettering options.
Sketch - Second Presentation
After the first presentation, I had another meeting with the client to define what would be the visual I should follow. On this stage, I had a more detailed sketch and vector preview.
Vector Files
With the visual line defined, I created the vector files to send for the agency (client).
Vector file details.
Vector file details.
Color composition - Option One
Color composition - Option Two
Color composition - Option Three
Preview of applied labels
To better understanding the proposal, it's always great to apply the layout on a mockup file.
These are the preview of the final files.
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