Try a Little Tenderness

Last year me and my buddy Jackson Alves had the great opportunity to paint a mural in Madison WI, idealized and produced by our dear friend Henrique Nardi. This December will mark the 50th anniversary of Otis Redding fatal plane crash into Lake Monona. The mural aims to reconnect the city with Otis in an uplifting way while honoring his musical legacy. 

Beginning on Halloween, we had 3 days of painting, friendship and great heights: the mural starts at 2 meters high and is approximately 4 x 6 meters. We were very happy with the participation of the local community, who was present all the time, giving us moral support, kind words, love and food <3

Special thanks to Karin Wolf and Nick Malacara for their immense help in all kinds of ways. Thank you so much to Darcy Haber of Solidarity Realty for giving us the wall to paint and to Ruth Ellisckson for bringing us delicious food. We're also very grateful to Ray Mawst, Pete Hodapp and Lynn Lee who helped us with the painting, without you it would not have been possible to finish on time!

The mural is located at 1146 Willy Street, Madison WI.

Funded by The Madison Arts Commision.
Produced by Henrique Nardi.
Photos ans video by Henrique Nardi.
Created by Cyla Costa and Jackson Alves.


Pencil sketch ;)
Projecting the sketch and drawing on Halloween night!
Mr. Malacara supervising our work :)
Color palette!
Both of us + Mr. Lee
First time in one of those lifts, it's shaky!
Late night painting with our buddy Ray Mawst
Us contemplating the mural half painted the next morning
All the gang: Ray, Pete, Lynn, Jack, me and Nardi behind the camera
Upside down Jack :P
Me monkeying around
Late night + next morning
Finishing touches with some sign painting...
...and calligraphy
Aaand it's ready! 
The 3 of us celebrating before going to Wayzgoose <3
Always try a little tenderness :)
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