Second way.
Rock the Deadline
Brand, visual identity
Rock the Deadline is a place where expert writers, producers, marketers and agencies meet, work and thrive.
Kim Lloyd, co-founder of the company hired me to create the logo and the visual concept. You can see bellow, some steps of this nice project!

Rock the Deadline contact:
Twitter: @RockDeadline

Kim kindly wrote a testimonial, check it out bellow:

“I really enjoyed working with Jackson, he was a true professional. It's always challenging when first working on a green field design project, especially on the other side of the world! We didn't have anything to really go on being a brand new company. Some very loose concepts, but nothing that we really could demonstrate at all. This makes it even more challenging for a designer. 
Although his first concept was beautiful, we felt like it wasn't us. So Jackson was able to completely switch directions extremely well, and after getting better direction from my web designer, nailed what we were looking for.
I was very impressed with his creative process, his technique, and absolutely love the results. I hope to continue to work with Jackson on more projects.

Kim Lloyd,
COO, Rock The Deadline

The first ideas of this project had not anything in common with the final version. I had thought aboutsomething more script, but it weren't what the company were waiting for.
I tried something more “sans serif”, a little bit more on way of what the company wanted.
We decided create something that would bring us the concept of “connexion”, and I took this element to create the artwork visual. This bellow is the sketch I sent to Jacky, the company's designer who helped me to reach the approved version.
After client's agree, I showed two ways, based on the approved concept.
First way.
Second way.
And you can see below the final and approved version – based on first way showed above – with the visual concept of the logo.
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