The Beauty of the Letters
Artwork Collection
I usually say the work I create emphasizes the beauty of each slight shape of letterforms. For me, one of the best things about admiring an original piece of calligraphy is seeing the small details up close.
Also, I like the idea of doing an edition of a piece and make the work affordable for more people. So, instead of have the entire piece for 1/1 or doing editions of the same piece, I decide to divide the piece for this edition and offer exactly the tiny little details. Slicing the piece also transforms the letters into more abstract pieces, bringing up the beautiful curves over the meaning of the letters and transforms the edition into unique pieces - almost a 1/1.

This is an ongoing NFT collection, with editions of my work, minted on my own contract. You can see the entire collection “The Beauty of the Letters” available on Opensea, following this link below. Hope you like it :)

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