The Little Tin Card Co.
Hand Lettering and Chalk Lettering

The brand consultancy agency Twice Brand from Vancouver, BC, hired me to create a handmade composition for their client, a company called The Little Tin Card Co. The client is a card company, but the cards aren't made out of paper. It's a metal thin box and inside are products like hot chocolate, tea, cocktail mix and seeds. You can know more about the company here.
So, they were looking for a chalk lettering style, we start to talk about real chalk, but because of the possible changes along of the work, we opted to create the piece with 4B and 6B pencil on textured paper and only emulate the effect on Photoshop, this way I could create separate layers for the agency could change the colors easily, if they preferred. Check out the project.

My analog layer technique ;)
Summary of the process: From pencil to Photoshop and the final piece.
Final Pieces Options
Final Product
Promotional pieces of the company
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