Calligraphy and Sign Painting

The agency from São Paulo - Brazil, hired me to create some handmade words for their client TOTVS. The idea was to write the same word using different styles and techniques for they use on some AD pieces. The creative art director of the agency (Thiago Favaro) had already taken my lettering workshop in the past and gave me a good brief with detailed examples made by himself (I was proud to see that).
All the pieces were delivered in PSD format and so the agency can work with more freedom. Check out the result and all the creative process below, I hope you like it :)
Sketches - Stage One
For this kind of project, I prefer to create the styles designing one letter only for the client's approval and then proceed to the designing the whole words. This helps me save time and avoid more time-consuming reviews.
*PS: I've been working on iPad Pro for creating the lettering sketches lately and I've been enjoying it.
Sketches - Stage Two
After the agency select the styles I proceed to create the words and paint them.
The final pieces and tools used - 1
For this piece I cut a stencil by hand and used graffiti spray paint
The final pieces and tools used - 2
For these pieces I used watercolor ink and fude brush (the brush used for Japanese calligraphy)
The final pieces and tools used - 3
For these pieces I used acrylic paint and flat brushes.
The final pieces and tools used - 4
For these pieces I used synthetic enamel* and lettering quills.
*Actually I'd prefer to use lettering enamel, but we don't find it for sale here in Brazil.
Final Product
Original pieces on the left and final PSD files on the right
Final PSD Files
Final pieces created by the agency
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