Zatarain's Bold like that
Hand painted letters and Custom Typeface

The Ad Agency Peter Mayer from New Orleans (USA) hired me to create hand-painted letters for the campaign 'Bold Like That' in which they were working for their client Zatarain's. The letters should transmit the atmosphere of the city, that’s why we decided to go with a hand-painted alphabet. 
The project included: 4 handmade posters, an entire hand-painted alphabet, and a complete custom typeface (digital font created based on the alphabet and exclusively for the client).
It was one of those projects in which I had the chance to work with such talented people, enjoying all of the process.
Thanks, Peter Mayer team!
Quick video showing a little bit of the process and the pieces in use by the client.
The hand-painted pieces.
Creative styles presented to the agency.
Final visual approved.
Hand-painted posters. Background applied on PS.
Hand-painted alphabet.
Details of the texture of the letters.
The step-by-step process of converting the hand-painted alphabet into a typeface.
The entire font created on Glyphs App.
One of the final pieces in use by the client. Watch the video above to see other.
Thank you :)

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